Trying to copy Miami Vice Tv series

I got anydvd and clonedvd2 and I can not figure out how to copy the 3 dvds. Each dvd has an A and a B side for episodes. I could copy the dvd with two dvds, but would like to figure out if there is another solution. Any feedback on this?



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Unfortunately the CloneDVD software program doesn’t join “DVD Flippers” – DVDs that has “Part A” on one side and “Part B” on the other side.

Suggest viewing the below AnyDVD-CloneDVD User Tutorial which provides detail information on the use of these two software programs.

Also suggest visiting the below CD Freaks Guides and Tutorials Forum, which will provide suggestions on how to join “DVD Flippers”.

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keep in mind that you’re attempting to copy a DVD-18 (ie it’s dual layered on BOTH sides)

if you attempt to compy this to a single layer dvd you’re compressing to about 25% assuming each side of the flipper is full of data. I wouldn’t recommend this!

if you copy it to a DL disc and you pick and choose what to include you may get acceptable compression.

the TV series House M.D. is also set up like this. I simply used 2 SL discs for each disc of the series when I backed mine up.

See Best DVD Copy Software:

Thanks for the info guys. Keep up the good work