Trying to copy homevideo

I’m trying to make copys of my friends wedding for him to give out to everyone that attended the wedding. So I took the video off the tape and put it on DVD using my Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD player/recorder. It is a minus R type recorder so then to make copies quicker and to do some editing I want to put it on the computer and use my NEC plus R Burner to make copies faster.Well this is the error i get using clone DVD: ‘Error opening video files from E:/video_TS DVDManager 5 1 IFOFormat 15’

I tried using Burnatonce after having to set it to overburn it copied but won’t play on anything.

Is Ther anyway to get it to burn on my computer and also can I change the file anyway so i can use adobe after effects to do some editing

Thanks for all the help

Since what your trying to backup is already on a DVDR, just simple use drag & drop in Win Explorer and copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your HD and use Nero, RNM, etc to burn it back to your DVD+R.

Or you could just use DVD Decrytper to make an ISO image of the DVDR and burn it back.


The created IFO files by the panasonic recorder seem to have errors CloneDVD is not able to compensate yet.

It is easy to fix them by hand using IFOEdit, just load the VTS_01_0.IFO file, open PTT_SRPTI, at address 4 you will find “the End byte of PTT-SRPT table” value, which is ‘one too large’ … (a classic off by one error), with a double-click you are able to edit this value, decrease it by one and save the IFO files.

Hope this helps.

I am alos trying to make a copy of a DVD-R
the original came from a DMR-E60
I want to use my computer dvd burner and cloneDVD
to make a copy.

I copied the entire DVD to a folder on my pc
I used IfoEdit.exe to look at what armin described.

armin said to decrease (thanks mac_es) adress 4 by 1. I did this and saved the file.

I am very new and would appreciate some more explination.

Once I saved the file it prompted me on whether to save as .BUP aswell? Do I want to do this?

Now that I am done do I use cloneDVD and choose the
<Write Existing Data> option? pick my file and burn?

Any help is much appreciated

decrease it by one

First, remark that armin has say you to DECREASE it by one.

Then I understand that you can burn the files with Nero directly, move the VOBs and IFOs to the VIDEO_TS folder and burn


When you have edited the IFO file and save it, you should also save it as a BUP. A BUP (BackUP file) is just the IFO file with a different extension.

CloneDVD in its ‘Write Existing Data’ mode is just fine for burning the DVD (and probably a lot more reliable than Nero).


I tried editing the file using IFOEdit as described above but I still get the “error opening files…” error. As it stands I cannot burn any files made from my Panasonic Recorder using CloneDVD (v1.3.11.2). NeroExpress opens and burns them fine. Any other tricks to try, and is this fix supposedly for all Panasonic DVD recorders?

Second question, not sure whether to post here or in another forum area:
Speaking of Panasonic recorded discs, I am also having trouble opening them in NeroVision Express - is there a reason they will not open in that program? I would like to add/change menus and NeroVision has a provision for doing that. It opens some of the files in the TS folder but not all. And the 1GB files it does open appear as only 3-5 second segments once loaded into the program…

I am having an issue with copying a dvd. Its on dvd-r but the person said something about a copy protection on it. Anyways I think its from a homeburner. I rip it with dvd shrink and it seems to rip ok i think. when i use neodvd to burn it or nero or clone dvd they all freeze up at 2 percent. i received the DVDManager 5 1 IFOFormat 15’
error on neodvd and with nero something like ??? filing error or file ??? error. I did the infoedit thing went from 76 to 75 and i got excited because it burned all the way through but they all didnt play on my dvd player. I tried once cutting and pasting the video_ts folder and then infoedit then nero and nothing. then i tried to burn with neodvd and nothing. then i went and used dvdshrink again and did the infoedit and then neodvd and again nothing came on the screen. So its copying but its not being readable. I will see if its readable with a dvd program on my computer but i have not done that yet. Any help would be much appreciated on how to get past this and if you would email me diirectly with help that would be gratful also. One last thing. I bought Pinnacle Moviebox which comes with pinnacle studio 8. i was wondering if i hooked my dvd player up to it would it be as easy to record as a home dvd burner. And also if im total SOL could i record it from my computer to a vhs and then with a home dvd player and not have this problem. Well thanks in advance . Decided getting it all out at once would make it easier


Just use DVD DEcrypter in ISO mode (hit R) to make an ISo to your HD, then hit W (Write mode) and burn it back to a DVDR. You cant get much simpler than that.