Trying to copy game orig. cd's but taking forever.... help?

I can copy CD’s in nero fine but I wanted to make a clone cd image. I have clone cd and a Lite-On LTR-12101B with these specs from clone cd website:

Model: LTR-12101B 12x10x32
Updated ---------------------------- -
Interface --------------------------- ATAPI/IDE
Firmware --------------------------->=LS22
Comment --------------------------- -
Best Write Mode ------------------RAW-DAO 96
Buffer-Underrun Technology----Two sheep
Correct EFM-Encoding -----------No sheep
Best Data-Read Mode -----------RAW+96
Best Audio-Read Mode ----------RAW+96

Ive never upgraded the firmware.

When I put in a CD to copy and select game such as the CD disc 1 for Mafia that I just put in I get to the copying phase and it finally got to 1% and said it was going to take over an hour to finish. sometimes the “Current Speed” was 230 kbytes/s sometimes it was only 1-13. It said it was going to take over an hour and this was just the reading phase not even writng to a cd, just copying the image to the harddrive.

What could be wrong? I would think it would take 5 minutes to copy data to the harddrive at most.

Thanks for input.

What could be wrong?


But Mafia has SD 2.51+, which your writer might not be able to write correctly even with AWS enabled.

Protected cds often use deliberate errors on the cd. Most readers take a lot of time to read the errors. For instance for your Mafia cd, which is protected with SD2.51+, the errors are in the first 10000 sectors. When your reader gets past these errors, the rest of the cd is quickly read.

Okay I let it sit for a few more minutes and it finally picked up speed and read the cd in 10 minutes. It burned it a lot faster (5 minutes) but it made a coaster (cd isnt even recongnizable in drive).

Did I miss an option like AWS somewhere? I right clicked on the drive and went into settings but didnt see an AWS option.

All the settings are default and I selected GAME cd when I copied / burned it.

Thanks for any more help

AWS isn’t available in all countries, but I have personally verified that the Memorex 12MAXX, which is a liteon 12101b, cannot write sd 2.51 even with aws.

Yeah I just tried with AWS enabled and it didnt work.