Trying to copy from a file

I have copied a movie as a split movie to the Temp file. I copied the first disk without problems but then I had trouble with the media I was using (could not write over another movie on a disk - which is another issue) and had to wait several hours before I had another clean disk to use. However, DVDFab Gold didn’t want to copy the second disc. I am at a loss as to why.
I thought then I could simply select the source as the file where Disc 2 was and begin to copy but nothing will start. I have checked all the settings in Common Settings and cannot see if I am missing something. Does anyone know what might be the problem? :sad:

Check your version number. Platinum (and probably Gold also) v3.0.4.0 has a much discussed bug that prevents using HDD files as a source. If you are still using an earlier version that should be working, make sure you have opened the VIDEO_TS folder in the source selection dialog box.

I have been avoiding 3.0.4 and have but perhaps you have hit on the problem. I have been using “Disc 2” as the source.

The seems to have some issues and I am watching and waiting to see what happens.
I’ll post if I have success with your suggestion. Thanks! :flower:

My burn of the second disc was successful. Thanks for your input, siganls! :clap:

Glad it worked for you! :slight_smile: Hopefully there will be a fix released soon for