Trying to copy DVD recorded from TV

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve made a DVD of several episodes of ‘Numberjacks’ for my son, it’s become quite scratched so I want to copy it before its beyond repair. I usually copy films with ‘One Click DVD Copy’ but it won’t accept this DVD.
I have copied the DVD onto my computer but cannot burn it. It has created a folder with the following files VR_MANGR.IFO & VR_MANGR.BUP & VR_MOVIE.VRO
Does anyone know of a program or anything that will enable me to copy this DVD? :slight_smile:


your recorder is writing in a special format, that is different from standard DVD format.

I am not sure if that works, but worth trying:
Get ImgBurn and copy the disc to an .ISO image file onto your harddisk. Then write this iimage file onto a new blank disc. Using a rewritable disc (DVD+RW or DVD-RW) for testing isn’t a bad idea here. If that works, then you can write the image onto a once-writeable disc.


Thanks but it didn’t work, copied only a very small amount onto disc and DVD player wouldn’t recognise the disc. Any more solutions, greatfully received!

If you own a DVD recorder get a DVD player and just make a copy.

Your DVD must have been burnt by a home DVD recorder, thats the reason why you have a dif disc structure and those .VRO files instead of the DVD video standard .VOB files under VIDEO_TS folder.
If you still use the same recorder and it has got a Hard Disk, try to copy the DVD back to the recorder and back again to a new DVD disc (the practical details depend on the maker and model, look at your user manual).
Another way would be to import you video files to a video editor and re-author the disc as a normal DVD video ( the import process would create Mpeg2 DVD compatible files from your VROs.
You may loose the present disc structure (menus), but you can rebuild them before burning again and get menus with each episode as a chapter of the new DVD.
Ulead VideoStudio (from version 9 up) can do it as other programs from Pinnacle, Magix and even some freeware.