Trying to copy cd's to a single dvd

Hey im new here and was wondering if someone could help me with, i wana put my doom 3 which is 3 cd’s on to a single dvd and was wondering how abouts i would go with that. thanks



Ok ok so sorry so sorry!!!
But pleaseeeeeeeeee anibody help mew…
Forget about my last post… ive should have read the rules…
Still can anyone tell me if it is possible to place to cds in one DVD???
I know u can but just dont know how…

Something tells me that with the game having protection, expecting a certain filesystem on the CD, and other issues, this would be kinda tough to get away with. I think the best bet would be to make images with Alcohol 120% and then burn them to the DVD, then load them up individually in it’s virtual drive with emulation and whatever else is necessary on… But this is about as convenient as swapping CDs was in the first place.

If anyone knows of a tool specific for this purpose, I’d certainly be interested to know about it.

Hi everybody… TehGrue after researching in google ive found something ,but i havent tried it out yet since im at work…
what i found i think is similar enough that might work for my problem and since u apeared to be interested here it goes… this is how it was inthe other forum :

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Best regards from PORTUGAL.