Trying to copy batman begins video files

i am using clonedvd, i keep getting this error when trying to transcode my files. anyone know what this means:
E 10:20:50 Processing stopped: unexpected error
D Error details: NavigationPack 4 2350600 2582600 VOBU 4 2350600 172 Clone 6 TCE
it’s at around 89%. thanks coolwebman

It means it’s still in the theater and there’s no way in hell you could have a legit copy of it. No one here is going to help you.

thank you very much!!! i asked the wrong thing and you corrected me, so i am deeply sorry and hope i didn’t offend you or anyone else. in the future i will not ask questions that might be offensive and ruffle anyone’s feather’s. thank you

by the way is there any need for you to start cussing and saying “no way in hell”, i don’t believe i cussed in my thread so why start?

i have heard of people using nero to burn downloaded movies, might want to try a google search to.

@ coolwebman,

Well if Forum member’s SamuriHL posting reply offends you I suggest that you don’t ask about illegal bootlegged pirated materials on this Forum.

@ spiderman_jab,

As stated by Forum member SamuriHL this Forum does not support the use of illegal bootlegged pirated materials and it is the policy of this Forum not to provide any assistance to anyone who does.

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wow, being a little touchy arent ya, lol. all i told him to do was perform a google search. but i understand what you are saying, i did not know better and i wont do it again, sorry.

My reply and “hostile language” wouldn’t have been necessary if the rules were fully understood when you signed up for this forum. I simply wanted to make it clear that no one here would help you with pirated materials. That’s it. Nothing more. I’m not a mod nor am I affiliated with cdfreaks in any way other than being a loyal member for quite a few years now. If you have a problem with a legit backup issue, there is probably no better place on earth to get an answer.

There is no way in hell… Well, I couldn’t think of any funny way to finish that sentence.

hmmm, someone that pirates and doesn’t like cursing… Lets hope there isn’t any swearing in the movie…

BTW- Welcome to the internet! Glad to see you made CDFreaks your first stop.

You can also post your inquiry at … You may get a response from there.

Naw, I do not think Forum Member coolwebman needs to be running off and talking to the FB&I folks cause they would only end up throwing him in jail.

What Forum Member coolwebman needs to do is take time and read the Club CD Freaks - Forum tips, rules and guidelines (

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just one question. What is the difference between teh question he is asking, and a question about copying a movie that was rented? Both activities fall in the same category. I highly doubt that most people use software such as clonedvd to “just” back up their own discs.

@ DJohn84,

In the US and most other Countries it is Illegal to copy a Movie if you did not purchase it and pay royalties to the Movie Corporations.

Making a copy of a DVD you don’t own is Illegal and this type of Illegal activity is not permitted in this Forum. Suggest viewing the Club CD Freaks - Forum tips, rules and guidelines (

If this Forum allows this activity this Forum like many other Forums that allowed this type of activity can be shut down. Many Forum Members and I personally would not like to see that happen.

Going to BlockBusters, renting a DVD, and making a copy of this DVD is Illegal. Now, if perchance you purchase and own a DVD in many Countries it is Legal to make a back up of your DVD for personnel use only. This called “Fair Use” in many Countries.

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thank you bjkg, that was all that needed to be said. Thanks

I don’t know if the new federal law has gone into effect yet. Bush signed the family entertainment protection act (or some crap). Would that extend to anyone trying to burn a downloaded first-run movie?

Especially that.

it’s funny watching a conversation go on, especially when the point has been made…over and over, and while I completely agree on all counts that suggesting or eluding to something that’s illegal in a forum such as this should not be tolerated, But have you taken a look at the page that you are viewing this post from? (hint) top left banner ads!
Sorta makes all that flag waving seem kinda…disturbing.

For your better information: