Trying to copy "audio only" files from DVDs



Hey all,

I have couple of DVDs that have “audio only” tracks on them (old radio shows that are related to the content). I’d like to copy these over as MP3s, but every piece of software I’ve tried that supposedly converts DVDs to any format doesn’t seem to see these files. I guess because they have no video, they get scanned over. The thing is, I can find the file and open it separately on the DVD, so I know it’s there. (It comes up as audio with a still picture attached.)
The other problem is, these files appear to be saved as .mpgs, even though they are audio only, which I think is messing with some of my players.

Does anybody know how I can grab an “audio only” file (not the soundtrack to a movie, but separate audio) like this off of a DVD, and save it in a meaningful audio format?

Hope you can help!


Hi and Welcome!

the magic word here is “demultiplexing”, which is splitting audio and video :slight_smile:
I am using ProjectX for such purpose, but I’ll have to admit that my source material is slightly different.



Here is how to demux for free using DVD Decrypter. Then you can change the mpg audio file to mp3.