Trying to copy a video DVD => error when multiplexing (dvdbackup+transcode)

first of all i should say that i use linux (therefore i quoted those strange commands :wink: ) but i’m sure that also a windows user might be able to help me because i don’t think my problem is os generic. so please continue reading :slight_smile:
another think i should say is that there might be some really severe mistakes in my dvd-copying procedure and well … i’m not a native english-spaker so please be patient and ignore all the orthographical mistakes you might be able to find in my post :slight_smile:

i would like to copy a ~6gb dvd (the sixth sense) including menus and extras to a normal 4.7GB DVD+R.

to achieve this i copyed the whole dvd to my hdd using the tool dvdbackup

dvdbackup -i /dev/dvd -M -o /tmp/dvd

then i’d split the “big” vob-files into an audio- and a videostream and resized the videostream (requantisized it to make it fit on my blank dvd).

cat VTS_10_2.VOB | tcextract -t vob -x mpeg2 | tcrequant -f 1.7 > vts_10_2.m2v && cat VTS_10_2.VOB | tcextract -t vob -x ac3 > vts_10_2.ac3

putting both streams together again works well but only if i do it with a VTS_x_1.VOB file (e.g. : VTS_01_1.VOB , VTS_10_1.VOB )

it won’t work with VTS_x_y.VOB b[/b] files.(e.g. : VTS_10_2.VOB, VTS_10_3.VOB …)

tcmplex -i x.m2v -p x.ac3 -m d -o video.vob

INFO: using reference profile (DVD)
INFO: profile type is (PAL)

ERROR: File x.m2v is not a 11172-2 or 13818-2 Video stream.

the dvd shouldn’t be the problem. i already tried it with another one i own (the running man)

any ideas :confused:

thank you :bow: