Trying to copy a picture



A friend of mine has a daughter who is graduationg this year. She did her senior pictures at a professional photo place. The Photo place gave them a CD with all her senior pictures on it. The only file on the CD is “DK.EXE” (306mb). (DK is the name of the person who is a senior) So there are "NO JPG or BMP’s on it. You just click on DK.exe and the pictures start a slideshow with numbers on the bottom (001,002,003) (with music playing while you view pictures). I didnt see anything install. You are suppose to write the numbers down of which pictures you want printed. And after 14 days, you cannot open the CD (or DK.exe) again. But I burned and new CD of it and it opened again (for 14 more days). You can pay to open the CD for $75. But cannot find a place to open it.

While viewing the slideshow, if you press printscreen, a popup appears saying “no copying pictures” and it closes all up. While viewing the slideshow, if you try to hold the mouse button down and drag it accross the picture to highlight it (for copy and past) , the slideshow instantly vanishes and your back to the desktop.

I have been trying to make copies of the pictures for him, but see no way to do this. Anyone got any ideas???


have you tried to extract files with ISOBUSTER? If that doesn’t work you could probably use camtasia, or another screen capture software


The pics has been compiled into an .exe. Someone with extended knowledge of C would be able to help you out. Either way the Photo shop doesnt have intellectual rights over a clients photos. I’d Take it to them and demand they extract the data and give you a pile of jpegs.


WinRAR can sometimes extract data for executables. Try extracting the compilation and see what you get.


I used something called Hypersnap. A screengrabber. Slow to do it, but got all 126 pictures and saved them as 32bit bmp’s. They look good. It was a backdoor way, but better than nothing. thanks everyone for helping.