Trying to convert .MKV, write to DVD -



Hello!! I just joined because I’m having problems trying to convert .MKV (the 300-400mb DVD rips) to DVD and writing them to DVD discs for my family and friends, I installed the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack and tried this but I get really choppy video, audio and the DVD isn’t even complete and just stops (I can play the converted DVD file in WinDVD fine) but plays with superb quality for half the movie or whatever so I thought it may have been the codec pack so I un-installed, rebooted and installed CCCP and tried that - same result, I have tried using WinAVI video converter and burning with 1Click DVD 5 and Pro, I have alos tried ConvertXtoDVD3 but get the same results - I have a multi-super LightScribe drive running Windows Home Vista - It’s a brand swanking new PC, I have tried cheap blank DVD discs and also top grade Verbatim ones and also tried burning with ConvertXtoDVD3 not just converting and I have tried burning at the slowest writing speed possible - any help would be excellent! :rolleyes:


Why not get your DVD out again and rip the original? That way, your DVD would already be in proper format and all you might need is a transcode. Of course, if you no longer have the DVD, then you are making an illegal copy and I, at least, can’t (won’t) help you.



try using different dvds