Trying to convert a series DVD, only get 1 episode?

Hi guys,

I am trying to convert a DVD I have into MP4 format using ‘Movies on PSP’ software from x-oom. The DVD is a TV series with 6 episodes on one disc.

Firstly I have decrypted the DVD using ‘DVD Decrypter’ software, placing the files in a directory on my hard drive. When I browse the files I have various files caleed VOB files, IFO files and BUP files. The files are named things like ‘VTS_01_1’ and VIDEO_TS.BUP. There are various files named the same with different sequential numbers on the end, i.e. ‘VTS_01_2’, although the number does not correspond to the number of episodes on the DVD.

When I start the conversion I have to choose a source location, so I choose the directory that contains all the files. The conversion works fine with me ending up with an MP4 file which I can view. Only problem is that it only does the first episode and ignores the rest??

Can anyone please, please advise how I can get the other episodes converted.



Come on guys, there must be someone out there that can help a newbie!