Trying to compress 2 hours down to 700MB and still look good on television

I am trying to compress a dvd movie down to about 700 to 1Gig while still maintaing crisp imaging pleasure on my tv screen. I seen some good compression done. I just never here much about what software,settings or how long it took to compress. If someone can point me to a very effective way to compress to those file sizes with good speed I would really appreciate it.

I am currently going back and forth between clonedvd mobile and auto GK. Both are good for different reasons, I think. Auto GK seems to look better and compress smaller. Clonedvd Mobile is quicker and does not need use another software to group the dvd files together.

I know there has to be some people out there who got a great system for doing this stuff so feel free to share. I am on pins and needles.

This is a good forum. I have learned alot in just a weeks time. Hope to keep on learning. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I meant 700MB not 70. Sorry for the typo.

It may not be possible to get crisp viewing pleasures on a CD, watchable … yes but not crisp.

Try burning the movie to an image file on the Hard drive using Ulead DVD Movie Factory (my favorite) or whatever software you use. Then use DVD Shrink 3.2 to shrink the file to exactly fit to the CD. Using your favorite burning software you can burn the image to the CD or have DVD Shrink burn it directly.

Use a CD-RW and check it out on you DVD to see how it looks. That way you don’t waste a disc if it’s not acceptable.

I don’t think I quite understood what you just told me. I am fairly new to DVD Shrink. Also do you mean rip movie to the harddrive then shrink it with DVD Shrink? you can only shrink to 75% in dvd shrink. File is still 2 gigs, not 700mb.

Fit 2 hours on a CD in mpeg2 or even mpeg quality? I don’t think so. The only way is using DivX, XviD, Nero, etc. codecs, but then your player needs to support this. Even then the quality will be so-so for 2 hours on 700MB.

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I agree with Cressida above. what you are trying to do is just not possible given current compression technologies. Video DVDs are already compressed to hell, and the image is noticeably compromised because of it. A CD would have to be compressed approximately 7 more times. Your image is going to suffer, there’s no getting around it.

Sorry. I am new. I was not sure I posted in the correct area. I really want this issue solved.

That’s alright, but what you’re trying to do just isn’t very feasible. CD’s are really outdated when it comes to video, since DVD’s are now commonplace. You could look into KVCD/KSVCD formats to fit a complete movie on one CD, but this really isn’t the right forum for this. And if DivX/XviD encoding takes too long for you, there’s only one solution: buy a new system with one of the latest dual core processors. :slight_smile:

I realize this thread should belong in another area but to add to the comments I’ve actually used Ulead DVD movie Factory and captured a movie through the VCR outputs into a capture device and compressed it onto CD. The video itself was okay but the recorded quality wasn’t that good to begin with (local rooftop antenna signal) I’d gather much better results with cable or satellite) so anyways the noise in the signal wrecked havoc with the compression making, it even worse. I haven’t tried to compress a clean signal onto CD as DVD’s discs are just as inexpensive.

Maybe you might want to use AutoGK and the xvid codec to compress to an avi. After you get the avi you could either: hook your cpu up to your tv using a video card with a video-out and watch the movies that way;or buy a dvd player that supports avi playback and burn the avis to a dvd. Personally i wouldn’t compress it under a 1gb if the movie length is 2 hrs. All of the rips i’ve seen that are 1 cd just didn’t look that good when the movie was over 2 hrs.

I said I used AutoGK. Said it worked fine to. I do have a multi-format DVD player. I am looking for results that AutoGK gives but better times. Did I post my original question correctly? I seem to be getting weird responses.

That’s because you keep asking the same question when people have already given an opinion. Cressida already said you may need a faster processor and support hardware to reduce the time taken to re-encode.

The main message is that you won’t be able to get better quality from a MPEG2 DVD at 700 MB filesize unless you use some sort of MPEG4 codec, such as XviD, DivX, H.264.

You also have double posted, which is indeed against the forum rules. It’s very difficult to co-ordinate replies in several threads.

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