Trying to capture video with Nero Vision for Nero 9


I have what seems to be a simple problem…

I recently bought a Pinnacle DVC100 to capture some of my old vhs to dvd. I encountered a problem when I tried using the Pinnacle software that came with the device, I would get the stop-n-go effect throughout the output, so I did some tweaking to my machine to get it running speedy and added an extra gig of RAM, deleted all the junk, ended all unnecessary processes etc etc., after which i did notice some improvement but not enough to make the DVDs watchable. So I decided to try Nero Vision instead, and downloaded the trial version. The video portion of what I burned came out beautifully - no stop-go, no dropped frames. Only problem is it will not record sound, nor will the user interface allow me to click on the audio options, they are grayed out. There is one checkbox that says allow for audio sync in the ‘More’ menu but it didn’t do a thing when i checked it.

Anyone have a similar problem or know how I can get it to bring in the sound?

Sound is not an issue on the Pinnacle software i got with the card/device.

Another issue was when Nero captures the movie in mpeg-2 (other than .avi its the only option youre given) i can’t then compress that mpeg-2 with DVDShrink. How do i work around that?


im having the SAME EXACT problem…any luck?