Trying to buy a new "modern" drive. Advice please!

I’ve descided that I can not live with only one dvd writer (not even thinking of how bad the machine looks like with a whole in it, since I can not cover up the space left by the previous writer) so now I’m thinking of buying a new one.

I’ve considerd the drives that I can get here and my own needs counted too and sorted the available drives to these three (since there ain’t much price difference so I can not choose based on that):

NEC - AD-7173S SATA (I wonder if there’s black from this)
Asus 1814 BLT SATA (yeah, I already have one of this, but it’s still in)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the Samsung one is as good or better/worse as the Asus one (since I already know that one), also I wonder how sharp picture can it create?

Also is the NEC one a good burner (I’m not oo impressed by LB still it attracts me…then I see the price of a LF disc and I get scared)?

Any help will be appreciated!

I would give the SAMSUNG a try

As would I :slight_smile:

As for “sharper picture”, that’s down to the software you use, whether you’re encoding or ripping from a disc, no burner will make a difference there. :wink:

Okay that’s two for the Samsung then. Thanks for voting, I never really knew Samsung makes dvd-rw’s so I got suprised when I saw it (one of my reasons why I have problems choosing) but I guess I’m getting closer to desciding now.

And sorry I think I wasn’t clear enough I meant which makes sharper LS picture? Sorry my bad. :doh: I’ve just realized it could be meant differently too. :o

Hi :slight_smile:
I would rather go with the Pioneer 212. Although not in your list.
If you must go with Samsung, go with the SH-S203B. This model is far better & about to replace the 183. Which BTW was a bit of a stop gap filler. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Samsung SH-S203B, sounds good though it’s more expensive (not much though) but hey 20x DVD±R burn!!! That’s something (pretty new too, only 1 shop sells it yet). No LS though (I think atleast, Samsung site did’t put that on the speci.)…still I take it up on my list (maybe on the top) it really got me impressed. After all I could burn with this and make LS images with the Asuse I already have. Thanks!

No Pioneer 212 for me though, not like I would be against it but they only sell the 112D! Also, aren’t Pioneers hard to install? My nephew has a Pioneer and it took 3 days to make that work (with help from here, Windows didn’t want to recognize it, dunno why though).

Hi :slight_smile:
Pioneers are fussy.
They have to have 80 wire 40 pin IDE cables.
Even then set to Master as opposed to Slave.
As an aside, if your going to do a fair bit of LS labelling. Then a seperate drive for this is a good idea anyway.

Hmmm. Then that Samsung SH-S203B starts to look better and better. Since LS is needed for my movie backups or I’ll loose them (you cannot imaging how many times did I have to make another backup of a dvd just because I didn’t write on the top right after burn and then I didn’t know which is the bottom…after writing on it I’ve figured it out of course…wrong side :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: )

holly hell

is Samsung SH-S203B out already? where?

Don’t the Samsung S182(D or M) and 183 suffer from -R lead-in position errors and PSU compatibility problems?

Hi :slight_smile:
As far as the -R leadin, yes!

Hi :slight_smile:
In the UK.
That said they were meant to arrive last week, but as yet are still too arrive. :doh:
With my local dealer that is. :rolleyes:
For those wondering I had one of these on loan.
(I know someone at the R&D section of HP in the west country) :iagree: :bigsmile: