Trying to burn with decrypter

after i use shrink, i try to burn with decrypter but it says it needs a disc image not the .ts files i’ve gotten from shrink. kinda confused here…

Kidpuffy, need a bit more info here… what are you trying to burn ? For backups DVDD > DVDS > DVDD to burn. DVDS should automatically reopen DVDD to burn your image. :slight_smile:

im trying to back up a dvd. wedding crashers for example. after i shrink it, i try to use the putput files from the shrink process and burn them with decrypter but it says it is the wrong file type…

When you click “Backup” in DVD Shrink, under “Select backup target”, you need to choose “Create ISO Image file: ISO image file and burn with DVD Decrypter”. That will make things a one-step process. You could also choose the “Create ISO Image file” and then run DVD Decrypter later.

It sounds like you’ve got the option “Create DVD files” chosen.

hall beat me to it. :slight_smile: For a picture try this: