Trying to burn vob files to large to fit on dvd

trying to burn vob files to large to fit on a dvd or 4.15gb sizes tryed burning not enough space
what can i do to make the file small enough to fit in a 4.7gb

How big are the files and what type are they, Data, Video, music, what ?

movie converted to vob file
file sizes are and other is 4.15gb

get messages insert another dvd

What software are you using to actually burn then to dvdr with ?

Nero in UDF/ISO mode will ABSOLUTELY burn them to a so called 4.7 gig DVDR without any problems. Both files are under the 4.37gig limit of a dvdr so will fit no problems.

pinnacles instant copy

I would suggest NOT using IC to burn your dvds then. DVD Decrypter can burn the *.pdi files for you. Just use ISO Write mode.