Trying to burn two games

Hi all, im kind of new here and im glad that I joined. Im having a problem, i want to burn two games, dungeon siege 2 and flight simulator 2004. For some reason, they seem to give meread errors, and are also copy=write protected, is there anyway that i can get around this so i can copy these two games?

Read errors are normal for safedisc protected cds. I suggest that you look at the tutorial section of the CD & DVD Copy Protection forum for information as to how to make back-up copies of your games.

I saw that i got read errors but when i tried to install it, it gave me errors and closed down but ill check it out

Please if anyone can help, i feel like im losing my mind over this

Tell us first what protection is used (scan with Protection ID to find out), what burner/s you have, whether you have any other ordinary cd/dvd rom/s and what software you’ve been using.