Trying to burn several episodes of a TV show onto one DVD



Hi Everyone,

Thanks in advance for any help…

I’m looking to burn several episodes of a TV show onto one DVD. I’m using AVI2DVD to convert the files to MPEG DVD format, but so far I’ve not found any programs that allow me to put “chapters” onto the DVD to separate the different episodes.

I have Nero, but it only seems to allow 1 episode per DVD.

Does anyone know any software, preferably freeware, to do this?




Nero should let you do it. look for the “make your own dvd-video” option is start smart. Add each episode as a separate video file. It should let you create a title menu screen with buttons for each episode. There is no need to convert first, it can handle most video file types.

Just a hint. If you have already converted to mpeg 2, rename the file extentions from .mpg to .vob . This will prevent nero from wasting time reencoding the video files from mpeg 2 to mpeg 2 (no sense wasting time reencoding into the same file type). since you are working with .vob files, it will ask you if you want to join them. If I’m not mistaken, choose no so it doesn’t combine the files together (not positive on that last part, I usally let nero reencode other file types rather than converting to mpeg 2 with another program).


Have you tried Ripit4me, then Dvdshrink in deep analysis mode, then Nero.
(Depending on which TV series, you may be a ble to skip RI4M stage)


my nero doen’t seem to do that…I have nero express version 6.

the option I have is “DVD-Video files”, and i can’t seem to find a way to create a menu screen…

thanks for the help…any idea what’s going on?


Did your copy of nero come with a drive? If so, its probably a stripped down version with some features disabled.
If you want to go from an avi file, all the way to a working dvd, you want an all in one converter (which is what nero does if you have the full retail version).
Here are other all in one converters. I’m not sure which are good as I use nero, but I think there are some free ones.

Avi2dvd is listed as one so maybe you just need a guide.

If you want to go from files that are already converted to mpeg 2, to a working dvd, that is called authoring and you need authoring software.

Using authoring software rather than an all iin one converter can give better results (more options at least) but it is harder to learn to do.

Fyi, when I open “make your own dvd-video”, it does open nero vision. The reason to get there by the “make your own dvd-video” option though is that it presets some of the options for what you are trying to do. Maybe one of these guides can help you figure what you are doing wrong with nero.


thanks very much…that gives me lots to work on…



The latest version of Convertxtodvd creates a simple menu so you can pick which show you want to watch. It’s not free though but there is a trial you can try to see if it’s worth buying.