Trying to burn my husbands CD's

I am new to this forum and wonder if someone could help me with burning some cd’s.

My husband has a box set and wants to make a copy for his car. I am trying to burn them and I can see them in the CD drive BUT they only show as 44kb’s and I know the songs are much larger than that AND that they wouldn’t all be the same size.

Has anyone seen this (I’m guessing yes) before and if so … What can I do to burn these disks…

(my husbands computer is not functioning at the moment and my old desktop is having CD drive issues so I am on my laptop here and will be eagerly awaiting a reply… if anyone’s around :slight_smile:

Thank you …

it is an audio cd and they are in raw format inside the cd. You need to either rip the cds to any format audio file keep them in the hard disk, or just make a copy perfect copy of it with the copy cd option directly from the cd
Check below.

I am such a dummy…

Thank you for your help… I have now burnt the disks.