Trying to burn multiple .Bin file movies to a dvd-r. Please help!

Okay firstly this is my first post, and I will say hello to everyone. But I am pretty new at this stuff, and I only know how to burn .avi movies to a dvd-r through data burning.

I have a divx dvd player and it plays those fine, but I need to learn how to burn multiple .bin files onto one dvd so I can play multiple movies from one disk. I would use cds but I have no more, and I have liike 50 dvds. I have around 10 movies I want to throw in there if its possible.

Can someone please throw me some advice on how to do this?? Easiest way possible, maybe even as easy as a data burning??


You can use a program called vcd gear to extract the .avi from the bin file and then burn or convert the .avi
You can find it here:
Welcome to the forum and hope this helps.

After you get the separate files you may want to consider SVCD2DVD v2.1 to convert the movies. It’s not a free program but it was well worth the money for me. There is a demo you can try as well.

I’nm not sure why you combine .bin files with .avi files here…