Trying to burn large mp3 file (8 1/2hrs)

I have 2 large mp3 files each running almost 9 hrs. I would like to burn these to audio CD’s. Is there a program that I can load these files to and it will prompt me to insert the next CD when the first one has reached it’s capacity? It is an audio book in MP3 format that I’d like to listen to in the car. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You could use MP3 DirectCut and set the Auto Cue (under the ‘Special’ menu) to 79 minutes. Then under File, select save cuts. That will give you a bunch of 79 minute MP3s, ideal for burning audio CDs. Or better, auto cue in 9 minute intervals and put 8 of those on an audio CD. That way you can skip about in 9 minute chunks.

Just curious but, does your car CD player support mp3 playback?..B/c you can easily fit 9hrs of audio data on 1-700mb disc…What are the audio specs?..You can use a lower bitrate for audiobooks(e.g.~64,96, 128kbp/s etc…

Thanks for the replies. I’ll try DirectCut. My car’s player does support mp3’s.
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My car’s player does support mp3’s.

Then I’d set ‘auto cue’ at 6 minutes. Then the track numbers will be the current time in tenths of an hour. That’s what I do.