Trying to burn ISO to DVD-R for home use

I guess I’ll start by saying that I, legitimately own a copy a movie set (yes a complete 8 dvd set) that no longer works due to unfortunate circumstances that involve my 3 year old niece and a brick fireplace frame…

I was able to obtain the set in ISO form through a friend. (Nero said it was compiled using DVD-Shrink) When i burn to a DVD-R, the burn process is great and works on any computer, its just it wont work on the players I have in my living room.

Ive tried using NERO, DvD shrink, DvD Decrypter, IMG BURN, DVD FLICK.
All burning the DVDs with the exact same result. Ive also tried burning straight with the ISO, and ive extracted the ISO and burnt using the video_ts and audio_ts files and they all end up the exact same way.

Ive tried using two different burners ( an LG and a PIONEER), and Ive also tried using a comletely different operating system to burn (because im using windows Vista 64) and all the symptoms are exactly the same.

The dvd players are using are an Emerson that actaully supports DVD-R and DVD-RW recording and the other system is just a player and i dont recall the brand on it.

I’ve ran into this exact problem about 4 months ago when i tried to replace my Atlantis DVD that also undertook unfortunate devastating events and it wont work in any players, but computers are just fine. I thought it was my burner so i bought this LG burner and a stack of 50 Verbatim DVD-Rs but i just cant get these discs working in players, all i get is “This Disk may not be compadable or is not readable” or sum thin of the sort… I need some help. Ive ended up with 7 copies of the same Disk that only work on computers.

Id rather not have to go out and replace this movie set for 120$ when i can just use backups…

Post your ImgBurn log.