Trying to burn dvd

Hi all,

Am trying to burn a dvd so i can watch it through my dvd player rather than my pc.

Now when I watch a film ive downloaded on my pc it is perfect.

When i burn it to disc and put it in the dvd player, all is fine then half way through the film when they talk the voices seem to come b4 the mouths open. But when i watch it on my pc they dont! :confused: amm all confused and have tried 3 times and have no idea what am doing wronge.

The file i have is an avi file, my dvd writer is NEC ND-1100A
I am using Nero6 SmartSuite

Anyone know and can you help me?

Thanks in advance


Hi Natalie,

I have exactly the same problem with my downloaded files.I changed the media i was burning to ,that worked for a little while then the vioces were out of sync again.

Its weird because i put 2 episode on dvd, half way through the first one the voices went out of sync till the end ,on the 2nd one it played absolutely fine from start to finish.Both were burnt to the same disc using NERO START SMART,I posted this problem about 6 weeks ago,out of interest how long did it take to burn the film?

Iโ€™m sorry im still awaiting some help on this as well!!

Natalie, how exactly are you putting the downloaded onto DVD? Maybe you might want to tell us the process.

It took about 3hours, a liitle long i thought now i dont know if this is how long it normally takes.

I opend nero, click make dvd movie, added the video file then it showed me how it would look on tv and that was fine so i clicked ok then it gave me a preview that was fine so i said ok.

Then it said burn, so i pressed burn this said it was recoding it then would burn afterwards.

When its done 3hours later tried it was perfect untill half way through and its still teh same i wrote at a slower speed and still the same.

am sorry to bug, but any chance someone could help me with this, i still have the problem

Check a couple of things. First, make sure your disk is defragmented. a hard drive that can give information and write information faster will give you less sync issues. Secondly, try to shut down any programs that you donโ€™t need. Perhaps running it overnight will help. Transcoding video takes a lot of resources. Thirdly, make sure you have the proper codec for the video you are trying to transcode into DVD. This will help make sure there is no error in the software.

Thanx i have tried doing it overnight still comes out the same :frowning:

How do i check the disc is defragmented?
Sorry i dont know a lot about this first time ive tried to burn a dvd

i had a similar problem and defragged my hard drive just because that was my first guess. I did not have the problem afterwards but im not sure if it was the defrag that fixed it.

here are two programs for defragging. the first is my fav as it puts files on hard drive according to usage.

raxco perfectdisk


hope this helps