Trying to burn dvd

alright I have a sony cdrwdvd crx310ee sdk3 in my computer. I am using dvdfab5 platinum to copy a dvd to my computer and now trying to transfer it to a disk. I have dvd-r and dvd+rw disks but everytime i try to copy it to the disk it says no media in drive e. Whats going on? will this drive not burn dvd?


That is a dvd rom it won’t write dvd media only read dvd media…sorry to disappoint ya.

thats kinda what I was thinking. so if i run down to office depot could i get a dvd burner? How much should i expect to spend and what should I get? How hard is it to install?

Same way you installed your old IDE burner you just have to make sure your using 80 pin cable flat or round cable. And make sure it is either MS or SL jumper but some drives don’t require that you set the jumper so read the label on the drive or manual that come with the burner for further instructions. Otherwise it will do same as your cd burner but now you will be able to burn DVD now as well. But if your old cd burner still works just store it away for now or do as you wish with it. Burner can go from $30 to $60 some where there depending on the brand and unit. They should have some burner unit but best if you can check ahead of time first before going there. I would go to bestbuy or walmart they might be cheaper or check with officemax as well. Just checked seems like office depot didn’t have them only online…what a cheapskate officedepot is…

you lost me with the ms or sl jumper and all that cable talk. The driver I have came with the computer so I never installed it. Im assuming I just pull the case off the computer and should be self explanatory at that point right?

hmm… ok well first you have to be able to open your computer case to take out the old drive to install the new drive in it’s place. Here is a page to read to help you more.

Read the part about how to remove the case screws

There it tells you about opening your case then jump to the second link provided

Installing a CD/DVD Drive

The last part : Guide to Installing IDE/ATA devices

I could try to give tutorial but I would probably confuse you more those links should help you better.

thanks for all the help

NP, that’s why we are on cdfreaks but to help and trouble shoot and give our experiences with related hardware and software problems.