Trying to burn dvd

i have some movies on my computer and i want to record them onto dvds. i recently bought some dvd+r discs. i also bought some software, MediaNow but when i insert the disc, the computer doesn’t read it as being there. i also have some dvd+rw’s and those don’t work either. are these the wrong discs?

my computer is a windows xp compaq. ive heard somewhere that only some discs are compatible with this type. is that what’s causing the problem?

im so frusterated right now :a

Welcome to the forums Julial. We will do our poor best to help. :slight_smile:

We’ll need a little bit of information from you though. If you will be so good as to download a free program, it will give us some info to help you. The program is Nero CD/DVD Speed and it is found here:

Install the program and tell us the name of the burner that shows up at the top of the window. I’ve circled the area it will be in the picture.

Now, put a disk in the drive and let it spin up. Then hit the Disc Info tab in Nero CD/DVD Speed. This will show us the Manufacturer Identification Code or mid code. Tell us what that is for these disks you have.


that’s for the dvd+R

All right Julia, you didn’t give me the mid code from the disc info tab, but it turns out not to be necessary. The drive you have is a Samsung model TS-H492A, and it is what is known as a combo drive. A combo drive can read and write to cds, but it can only read dvds. You cannot burn a blank dvd with this drive.

If you want to burn to dvds, you will have to get a dvd burner. We can recommend some if you wish, and some good online sites to buy from.

naa i dont want to buy a dvd burner. thanks for your help though.