Trying to burn DVD correctly

I am trying to burn some DVD’s that I have bought and I just cant get one to play in my JVC DVD player. However they will work on my DVD in my PC and on my daughters portable DVD player. I am not sure I am doing it correctly.

First I am using DVD Fab then I am using DVD Shrink and then with DVD shrink I go to back up and it burns to the DVD. Is this the wrong way to do it. I have so far tried 2 different brands of DVD R media.



You should probably see if anyone has had luck with that specific JVC at

Make sure you use BOOKTYPE ROM in Nero for +R media! -R should be ok!
Newer players do not seem to have trouble with any media type! How old is your JVC?

:iagree: @the original poster: Some JVC standalone players won’t play DVD+R. Mine doesn’t. When burning the discs, you need to “bitset” your +R discs to DVD-ROM or use DVD-R instead.

If you don’t use DVD+R, then the problem is different… please let us know. :slight_smile:

i have a JVC DVD/VCR combo model #HR-XVC25U it will play DVD-R and DVD+R it depends on the brand of DVD I use. Like Maxell will not work, but Memorex will. So try a different brands. Also I use :bow: ICopyDVD2 and DVDFab to burn my DVDs. My drive are listed below.

It also can depend on the used burnspeed, not only on the media itself.

My combo is the same as kosherpills I tried Phillips and yesterday I bought a few maxell’s so far they will not work they do work in my daughters portable DVD player. I’ll try the memorex next. I have been thinking about buying a Phillips DVP642 but I will keep trying perhaps finding the right media will fix it.
My dvd burner is a +R so that is what I have been using.



Try instead of memorex and maxell, Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

I agree do not try memorex you do not know who made them since they get disk from different companies. I never never never buy any memorex had to many problems with the cdrs Taiyo yuden or Verbatim is the way to go.

those are better disk i do agree, also i haven’t had any problem with memorex DVDs or CDs. it’s up to you.

I have found also that alot of set top players don’t like DVD+R well as was mentioned the older models anyway…but DVD-R’s seem to work fine. Can anybody eleaborate on why DVD+R’s seem to have so many issues ?

BOOKTYPE ROM in Nero for +R