Trying to burn a dvd, need your help please


well i wanted to burn a few shows so i fired up Roxio Dvd creator and imported about 25 episodes of my favorite anime, to my surprise it said it took up 32gb? it seemed a lot since on my computer it only took up about4 maybe 5gb so i was wondering if ther’s any way to lengthen the amount of video i can put on a dvd?, but thats not the main problem, the main problem is that when i press the burn button, the boxes to select the burner and the number of copies is blanked out, can i fix this? or can i burn an iso and use another program, will it still work like a dvd? as you can tell im fairly new at this, thank you in advance to anyone who helps

what are the shows catured as? avi? dragging a compressed video clip into a dvd authoring tool will convert them back to mpeg2, which is a much larger file format.

What format are the original files in? avi, mpeg, divx? You may need to convert them to dvd format with Vso Divx To Dvd. If they are already in dvd format perhaps they need to be shrunk using dvdshrink. As for Roxio I do not use it…the ones I use are Nero &, Vso divx to Dvd, IMtoo Dvd to Divx, DvdFab decrypter, Dvd shrink and AnyDvd… :cool:

yeah, there in avi, and i can only fit about 4 20 minute episodes in roxio, also can someone point me in the direction of a nice free video editing program? i just want to clip a few parts (credits etc…)

thanks in advance

While I’m not a big fan of roxio, this is pretty normal. As I mentioned earlier, roxio, nero, or any other program that you use to make those avi’s into a playable dvd or vcd, will convert them to mpeg2, dvd’s native format, which is a much larger file than .avi, so what your describing is normal. has a great library of tools, many free for editing and clipping. :slight_smile: