Trying to burn 870 mg cd with nero

I am very new so pardon me if this question is stupid.
I am backing up some data. The file size is larger than 700 mgs so I bought some 870 mg discs. However when I try to burn Nero tells me I have exceeded the 700 mg limit
Thanks in advance for the advise

What you are trying to do is called overburning. For this you need 3 things:

  1. Hardware (aka cd recorder) able of overburning - most recorders nowdays can overburn safely till atleast 94min; still it could be a limiting factor. What is the burner you will be using?

  2. Recording software - no problem there Nero can do it as long as you have the latest version (some older version had problems with overburning)

  3. Suitable media

To be able to overburn with Nero you have to enable this feature first. Go to File - Preferences - Expert features and enable overburning up to what your burner can do either 94min or most probably 99min.

I went through Nero quick start selected the file to burn , clicked on more. I went to preferences and expert. There I changed to 99 minutes. When I tried to burn (I am burning 812mb on a 99 minute 870 mg disc) it came back with the same message. I am exceeding to 700mg disc allowance.
Any thing I am missing?

It is possible that your drive is not capable of overburning the cd.

I apoligize. I am really new to this. I start and get nero quick start.I don’t see an orange button. If you have the time and patience for a simpleton could you please take me step by step. I have nere felt so stupid in my life as I have trying to figure out all this software.
Thanks again for you help

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Nero tells me I have exceeded the 700 mg limit
overburning problem