Trying to burn 4 movie disk to 1 disk

i have some dvds that have 4 movies on 1 disk and i am trying to make copies of them.i open them in dvd shrink 3.2 and it says the current dvd size is to big. i am useing dvd rw 4.5 gb disk. any ideas on how i can shrink disk to fit on my dvdr`s

Hi Mark, 4 movies on one disc? anyway, try backing up just 2 movies per disc. Is the DVD RW disc blank? You need to be a little more specific. what proggys are you using? Are you using Re-Author mode with shrink?

well if your using standard dvd format… if your putting that many movies on the discs your better off using xvid format if you ask me if you have a way to play them cause odds are they will have better quality then the standard dvd format if you shrank down 4 movies onto 1 dvd disc.

basically with XviD format you can fit 3-6movies per dvd+r disc :wink: … but most dvd players cant play XviD/DivX video files… my advice is get a xbox1 and softmod it with XBMC or get a stand alone player that can play divx files.

just some thoughts :wink:

but if your just trying to make a copy of a disc… just try imgburn (it’s free) and just read the disc to hard drive and then burn it back onto another blank dvd disc :wink: