Trying to build a PC from scratch?



I’m trying to build a PC from scratch for basic surfing & e-mail. I have a new case (w/ power supply), hard drives, CD-ROM and an older 600Mhz used motherboard. Installing the drives will be a breeze, but my first step is to figure out how to install the motherboard. I’m not totally sure how to do it though. I’ve bolted it into the case with no problems & I know how to connect the power supply to it, but I’m not sure about the other connectors that are dangling from the case that look like they have to be attached to the motherboard somehow. One is labeled ‘power’ so I’m assuming that is the power switch, but I don’t know where to connect it to the motherboard. Anybody have any ideas on how I can figure this out.


you need to provide more info if you want help there are many motherboards out there. I would say the first thing you need to do is go to google and search for your motherboard and get the info on the board which should tell you what connections are for power. Without knowing the brand and model of board hard to help