Trying to backup Psx Games, but Constantly Get Disc Read Errors



Ok i used to do these back ups ALL the time back in the psx mod chip days. All the programs have changed a bit now and i can’t seem to get my discs burnt. I’ve tried: Alcohol 120%, Nero 6.3.1 and Clone CD And i am constantly getting disc read errors.


If you are getting disc read errors, the originals are scratched or otherwise damaged. There should be no read errors at all with a psx cd.

I suggest that you try CloneCD with the Regenerate Data Sectors option checked in addition to the profile that you would normally use for psx back-ups. However, as stated above, since your originals are damaged, that may or may not work.


I’ve got a brand new copy of Final Fantasy Chronicles and Anthology. I can’t burn any of them. And i do relitively know what i’m doing. I’ve got 3 different dvd burners too. I don’t get it.


Also, i have the newest version of clone cd and it doesn’t have thatfeature any more.


Hi can anyone help me with psx downloading and burning. Heres my problem. I downloaded Yugioh Forbidden Memories it is a PAL i think. I downloaded it on bittorent. The files i got from it were mdf, and mds. But the mds though is 1 kb i do not know why. And the mdf file is 557,434 kb. I use Memorex black cd-r 48x 700 mb 80 mins. I do not know what is the problem i’ve tried making images like iso, nero image, bin, and ccd. None of them have worked for me. I have Nero the program and a trial of CDClone can anyone please just post a reply of a well explained tutorial or guide how to burn this game so i can do it and play it on my playstation i appreciate it if you do thankyou alot.


Buy the game (and please read this and the forum rules). :cop:


IBTL :slight_smile: also to play backup’d PSX games the PSX needs to me Modded


I have no problem copying them and I don’t get error messages but what I do get is my psx reads the copy as an audio CD I have no idea what to do about this…HELP!!!


Instead of copying ps2 games just go to this new website i found. I bought a few games from this site and they all worked perfectly. The site is adding new games each day!