Trying to backup dvd-r to dvd+r



I have been doing a dvd job for a guy and my mac only puts out dvd-r and is not compatible with what the customer has. So I bring the disk up to my pc and use clone dvd and keep getting the E:/video_ts/vts_02_1.vob: read error

data error (cyclic redundancy check). Error message. Is there a file in the dvd-r that is causing this. Anyone? Disks are clean, right out of my mac drive.
Thanks in advance



This can happen onvarious reasons:

1 ) dvd media is dirty - you can try to clan it
2 ) dvd media is damaged , you have to replace it
3 ) your drive is a region locked rpc2 drive, which does not allow reading of scrambled sectors from a different region and try to read a dvd from a different region.
You can try to find a rpc1 patched firmware at
4) your drive is an rpc2 drive that has not yet been assigned a region. try to assign one, or try to find a rpc1 patched firmware.

Plus the more you back up a back up the less the quality gets.

Why are you doing it that way? Just get the original and back it up again.