Trying to Backup a Game CD

Ok, I have made a copy of my Sims 2 Pets CD using the latest version of Clone CD. I insert the CD and the Sims 2 Pets auto load works properly, yet it gives me the following error.

Please eject and re-insert The Sims 2 Pets disc, select OK and restart the application.

I have done so numerous times and always recieve the error.

my CD-Rom which I am reading the game with is HL-DT-ST GCC4244 DVD-ROM/CD-Burner which came with my Dell laptop.

I burned the CD using my new Lite-On external DVD-Burner 16x. And my sisters CD-Burner, which I dont readily have the info on.

Id really like some help so that I can have this backup in case I lose or destroy my original copy.

I would very much like to know this too. Does no one ever come to this forum???

Which protection is used? Which settings were used in CloneCD for creating the backup? CD or DVD version?


CloneCD Tray v5.0:

This is a very important small tool which you need to get your SafeDisc protected CD/DVD to work. Without CloneCD Tray your copy will not work as it supposed to do.

Clone CD Tray is located in the task bar as shown below.

To get your copy protected CD to work you will have to select “Hide CDR Media”.

After you did select this you suppose that the backed up CD/DVD should work fine. We found that this is not completely the case and that you have to re-boot your computer first to make it work.

If you didn’t reboot your PC after changing the CloneCD Tray to Hide CDR Media you will get the following message when tying to load the game.

You can see the game won’t run at all, and says you have to disable the emulation software.

But as you can guess if you exit CloneCD Tray, the game will not run at all and will tell you that you have to insert the origninal CD/DVD.

After you restarted Windows, with CloneCD Tray with Hide CDR Media enabled the game will run as it would do with the original disc.

I’m trying to copy the sims 2 pets with nero, for my sister’s computer but if I try to play the game with the copied cd the game wont open! What to do?

Welcome Eiramle,

which SafeDisc version is used on your sims 2 pets disc/s use this guide and post your result here.

p.s. Use burnout or protection id.

SafeDisc 4.60.000

You should use this thread not this one posting your result. I deleted your post and quoted your protection here :wink:

Anyway Nero won’t do the job I wonder that it even read the disc… CloneCD won’t do the job so you could try this guide.

[I]edit:[/I] You also posted it here good :slight_smile:

Okey I’ve copied the sims 2 with Alcohol 120 now but its still not working the computer opens the game and then gives me an error message?

What’s the error message? Which method did you use in the guide? Any burning or emulation software installed except Alcohol?

no only alcohol, it asks to open and insert the cd again. but i’m wondering if it wont be easier to play the game without cd, I just dont know how to add a no cd patch,any ideas?

downloaded a no-cd patch from camecopyworld - works superbly. except for one thing - the game is running a bit slow. Thanx for al yr help!

I would suggest reading our forum rules before posting and it’s possible running the game with Alcohol and some patience :rolleyes: