Trying to back up DVD-9 disk

Hi guys, here is my scenario.
[B]I recently recieved a legit DVD-9 disk from my friend. When i stick it into my stand-alone dvd player everything works fine, and i can view all movie chapters on the disk (i.e. both layers).

Now, I want to make a copy of this disk. Firstly i used DVD Decrypter to make an ISO image of the original DVD-9 disk. Then I wrote the recently created ISO image to a blank DVD-9 disk using the same program.

Outcome: The copied DVD-9 disk when I try viewing its contents on my computer seems to work fine. I can once again view ALL movie chapters (as was the case with the original) and watch them all.


If i try putting the same copied DVD-9 disk into my stand-alone DVD player to watch on TV my player can only read up to chapter 9?? (there is meant to be 18 chapters). I assume my DVD player cannot read the 2nd layer and hence assumes the disk only has 9 chapters. [/B]

I fear i have turned a perfectly good blank DL into a coaster. Can anybody offer me an explanation of this occurance? Or offer some sort of alternative solution?

Thank you very much

What brand is your coaster? Does your standalone support the type of media (+R, -R)?

it’s not a coaster, it’s just too low quality to be read by your standalone

use higher quality discs

my coaster brand is TDK :stuck_out_tongue: I know its a shit brand but should it really matter? so u telling me every new DL disk i try to burn with TDK will never work?

Perhaps i should buy a pack of Verbatim’s tomorrow…

Also, if my DVD-ROM can read the disk properly. Why wouldnt a stand-alone DVD player do the same? Arnt they in essence the same thing?

Not having Quality media is the fault of problems almost 90% of the time. Try the Verbs. Then if that does not work we will dig deeper into the problem.:iagree:

ok thank you all on your kind replies. i will repost if there are anymore errors after the verbs

it depends on the brand of player

(dear DVD players) [I]sony[/I] etc. are very picky about the backups it reads (if any).

the cheaper the player the more disc’s they read/play, thats what i’ve found

The cheaper really? Always thought it was the other way around, but what your saying does make sense. Never really had a compatibility problem though.

I have found exactly the same as Bjproc. The cheapest DVD players seems to play all the formats and are not that picky, but the expensive ones with all the extras tend to be very sensitive to media and other variations.:iagree:

damn my dvd player is a sonyyy!!! :frowning:


Did EXACTLY the same procedure as before only this time i used a Verbatim blank and still GOT SAME RESULT[/B]

any other suggestions please?

thank you

as i’ve said, its your dvd player, try another player, hopefully not a big brand name

One more voice to add in support of Bjproc… :iagree:
I’ve got a variety of dvd players in the family and not counting the Liteon standalones (these are recorders also), the best one is a wally world special…Apex, cost ~ $53 about 3-4 years ago. It’ll play anything. I was also able to flash it to disable macrovision and to region free… :wink:

my best dvd player is a $40 toshiba

it’s outstanding

You might try changing the book type from ‘DVD+R DL’ to ‘DVD-ROM’, if your burner and software allow it. ImgBurn will allow it if your burner does.