Trying to back up Deus Ex by 'Sold Out' software

Deus Ex by Sold out software…
Using safedisc 2.40.010

Ive used nero, Alcohol 120% and Magic ISO all with no luck.

I have managed to copy games from Sold Out with success in Nero…

Any ideas on how to copy this one?


Moving to CD & DVD Copy Protection…

Ooops, sorry, I was in a rush to post.
thanks for moving it

See here or here.

“The ability to copy games protected with safedisc 2 is almost entirely dependent upon the capabilities of your cdrw.”

Does this mean I can use Daemon tools or something to mount the image to a virtual drive? My cd-r is quite old…

Old doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t do it. Some of the very best safedisc killers are very old scsi plextor drives that don’t even have re-write capability. What burner do you have and do you have any other ordinary cd/dvd rom?

It’s just a LiteOn DVD-RW I bought 2-3 years ago. Been ok for everything else, backups of data, other games that I can backup by using Nero.
Just this won’t do anything.
Is my dvd-rw good enough?

Yes your writer will do sd 2.4x just fine. However, you won’t be able to do it with nero (well actually it is possible but only for very experienced users).

Use alcohol with plain old safedisc datatype settings and remember the following-

[li]If you want to run the back-up copy from a burner, you’ll need an atip hiding utility such as Ignore medis type in alcohol’s emulation settings.
[/li][li]No atip hiding utility is required if you run the back-up from an ordinary cd/dvd rom.
[/li][li]Many safedisc protected games are hotwired to run only from their installation drive (unless you edit your registry) so install the game from the drive from which you want to run the back-up copy.

You shouldn’t really have any particular problems with this one but let us know how you get on.