Try your LG combo drive for PI/PO scanning with CD Speed

If you have a LG combo DVD/CDRW drive, could you try this program and see if you can scan a dvd disc with CD DVD Speed 3.12 utility’s ‘Disc Quality’ scan:

Menu Extra -> Disc quality Test -> Start

If your drive produces a graph, can you please post info about it (model you have).

I’m particularly interested in the following models:



note that even if it works for scanning your only accurate results will be in c1/c2 scans on cds. using dvd roms to BLER scan is not accurate. :wink:

How so?

I know the story on LiteOns, but has it been proven with other manufacturers models (different chipset, puh, etc)?

Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I could not find any proof using search that all manufacturers dvd-roms/combos are foobar for pi/po scanning.

well the reasons have nothing to do with liteons perse, i think it is becuase the dvd rom drive is not accuratly a 4x clv reader for dvds…look here for more info.
but really you would have to ask Erik if cdspeed can accuratly do BLER scans on dvd combo drives…maybe hes found a trick that kprobe cant do. suggest you post in the cdspeed thread at the top of the media forum…

Thanks! Will do.


no anser in the CD Speed thread (guess LG users are lurking), so I’ll try here again.

Has anybody tried their LG combo drive with CD-DVD Speed to scan for PI/PO?

Please report your results, if you’ve been able to test this.


Not me. I don’t have one.

For the GCC-4480B I can say, it works not.
It’s like the same problem with kprobe.
Unnaturally high PI’s over 1000 from the beginning… can’t be true,
because the dvd it’s fully working on all equipment !

The dvd also works without problems in your GCC-4480B?

Yes !
No probs, really.

There are only a few devices out, proceeding kprobe and similar products running correctly. But why are you so hot with this programs ?
The main thing is: will the burned dvd play correct on all devices I have. Why more ? I really can’t understand fully the people, who will scan every dvd and enjoy some pi results.

The best methode (imho), if you really test your dvd practically, is to put it in your dvd-player and play the dvd on the beginning, on mid and nearly the end with heavy skipping during the test. If there are no blocks or similar failure and the skipping is smooth - what do you want more ?


you of course are right. If it works for you, then it’s great.

I have my reasons though :slight_smile: