Try to imagine this

I take one of my DVD discs filled with music video’s that were downloaded from the net and burned to disc using the old Roxio EMC 7 programme.
I put the disc into the DVD drive and after selecting ‘take no action’ I open my new Nero Vision 4 and select ‘Make your own DVD Video’. I then select ‘Import Disc’ and select 5 of the 15 video’s on the disc to be burned on to a new blank disc, these vid’s now appear in the ‘Project Contents Window’. I take the disc out of the drive and insert another disc full of music video’s, select ‘Import Disc’ and then select another few from this disc, these are then added to the first 5 in the project contents. I doing this in order to create a new (and preferred) running order of my music vid’s. I repeat this process with other discs until I have filled the contents window to about 2 hours worth of music vid’s. I then create menu’s and backgrounds and for some unknown reason I have re-name every video, I then try to burn the project to disc and now comes the problem.
After 2 hours or so the ‘current progress’ and ‘total progress’ are zero, nothing is burning to the new blank disc. I have tried other methods but always end up with sound ‘clipping’ and/or ‘crackling’ problems. Please Please someone help it’s driving me bonkers. :a

I’m pretty sure that adding files to the project would only adds link to the file and not copy the file to the HDD.

Copy the files you want to a folder on the HDD & then add those copies to the project.

When you say HDD do you mean Hard Disk Drive ? And if you do mean that then please look again at my post and see that I’m trying to burn project to a BLANK DVD disc, not the hard drive. As for your second point, I’ve done that and what I get is all my video’s are split into segments (which can be merged - but why does that happen) ? and when I try to burn that’s when I get the sound problems.
Also what is DMA and what does it do ?

I read your post carefully & the point I’m making is that just importing into a project does not mean they are copyied from the DVD that you subsequently remove. Once removed Nero has no way of accessing those files 'cos they aren’t there.

So what I’m saying is to copy the files from the DVD with Explorer onto your HDD so that when you import those copied files that are on the HDD into the project it doesn’t matter what you do with the DVD that they were on as they’re now accessible on the HDD.

But as you say you’ve done that then that can be ignored I guess.

The reference to DMA in my post is actually in my signature & not related to the points I’m making.

Thanks for that info. HDD ? Hard Disc Drive, right ? Any thoughts on the sound problems I get with your suggested method, it’s like a ‘crackling’ sound ‘clipping’ maybe, when I try to preview the video’s.