Try to backup High School Musical 2

I have tried DVDfab and beta. Registered Version.

The programs fail to open High School Musical 2 dvd.

Don’t know what to do, need help.


Hi sbd,

Please tell us the detail problem, like error info/code.

Best Regards,

Good day fengtao,

When i’m inserting the dvd, It’s just trying to open again and again, no error message, it’s like a loop. I have to cancel to do something else. First time i have this kind of problem.

hey Sbd,

It may not be this but two things to try —>

  1. Just ‘clean’ the disc as if you have a dirty/scrtached disc sometimes this stops it from being analysised – it’s prob not this but worth a quick check.

  2. Be sure all drives are empty of any type of disc. open dvdfab and in common settings disable pathplayer.

Then close dvdfab and insert the train dvd and open dvdfab.

you were able to find the dvdfab log, can you post a full burn log containing all the info.

It may be a PathPlayer issue so try this too.



Hi sbd,

How long have you been waited? It may need several minutes to open it.

Best Regards,

I had trouble wit this one to, I got it with ripit4me with dvd decryper that got errors just kept going clicking ok on errors. then opened the folder decpryper made with dvdfab and that got the whole dvd copied.