Try TDMore products, Share your experience and win an iPad Mini or Amazon gift card

TDMore, a new brand of movie backup software, is giving away an iPad Mini and several Amazon gift cards to users providing feedback about the software. Users that try the software and post their experience on the TDMore Forum are eligible for the prize.

The TDMore brand has recently been introduced and the company sells both DVD and Blu-ray backup software. Besides making a copy of the disc, it’s also possible to convert video to other formats such as MP4, MKV, WMV, FLV, AVI, etc. etc.

The software is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and a free trial can be downloaded from the TDMore website. To make it even more attractive to the purchase the software, TDMore offers a discount 25% to Myce readers on all products with coupon code: TDM-SPUG-MYC (valid till 1st of November).

Once you’ve tried and/or purchased the software, we invite you to post your experience to make a chance to win one of the prizes provided by TDMore.

TDmore makes available the following prizes:

1x first prize – iPad Mini or $300 Amazon gift card
10x second prize – $20 Amazon gift card.

Visit the TDMore website here, download their software here.

Want to learn more about TDMore? Check out our review here.

You can post your feedback below

Try TDMore products, Share your experience and win an iPad Mini or Amazon gift card. TDMore offers an[B] Ipad Mini[/B] and 10x [B]$20 Amazon gift card[/B] as the prize.

You just need to share your experience, test report, comments or suggestions about TDMore software after use.

Please note that the campaign will last to [B]Oct 20th[/B]. The early you post your thread, the more views of your thread.

After the activity is over, we will count the views number of yr thread, and the top viewed thread will be the winner of the first prize.

If you have any question about this activity, please feel free to contact us or post your opinion here.

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As stated above you can post your entry in a new thread with the title, [username Contest Entry], that’s all, it’s really that easy!

This is an incredible offer with phenomenal prizes so many thanks to TDMore Software for providing this opportunity. :clap::clap:

I’d missed this while I was away but I’d seriously advise everyone to get in on this ASAP as you’ve a great chance of winning something very desirable.


Thanks Wombler, as my signature “We wish we could do more”:p:p
A little pity missing this chance, but never mind, please stay tuned we will launch other campaign later.