Try DVD Fab (Platinum, Gold) free!

You can download a free, 30 day trial on the DVDFab website. Click here and try before you buy!

You are so funny DoMiN8ToR! i knew something was suspicious about this thread. Mr. “Affiliate 70112”. :clap:


CDFreaks guys are kind and helpful, we also recommend user to try our products at first.

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I just want you to know that Fab users appreciate your hospitality and without CDFreaks I would not be a Fab user because this is first place that I learned that it existed. Also after becoming a user, you allowed all users a place to communicate. Maybe someone should write a book named “Search 101”. Many thanks and I hope our users click on and use some of your sponsors, because I know it cost many $ to run a site this size that is free to end user.


Oh. Then sorry. Please ignore my first post. I also appreciate CDFreaks Help. I just thought something fishy was about to go on. But it all seems ok!

Hello da_CLOwN, I fully understand your reaction and you are right it’s an affiliate link (which means we get creditted for the sales we refer to Fengtao Software, for those who don’t know).

Fengtao proposed this himself for the reasons mentioned above and we appreciate this gesture a lot!

Recently I had tried to copy a purchased DVD with some free software to no avail. DVDFab was the only program that could do it - so I bought it. Surprise, surprise! - When you purchase this software it is for LIFE! Another surprise - it labels the DVD’s exactly as on the original - no chopped off filenames as Nero ( I purchased & use Nero 7 Premium) does shorten the DVD label to 16 characters no matter what setting you use. I now copy & burn using DVDFab. Thanks to Fentago Software for a truly unbelievable piece of software that is worth every cent! My advice to anyone who has trouble copying DVD’s is to try this. You won’t use anything else. Been using computers since 1995 - do a lot of video editing and I am nobody is paying or compensting me in any way to say this. It is just very rare to be able to purchase software that works for life. The only other purcase i made for life was Musicmatch Jukebox… just my two cents worth…

It wont let me it tells me that my time has expired
and will this do mp4 to dvd? :confused: woody

Hi Woody. DVDFab Platinum does DVD–>MP4, not the other way around. If it says your time has expired, you must be beyond the 30 day free trial period.

is there software that will do mp4 to dvd?
and i never got one day from dvd platinum woody

What do you have the mp4 on. Platinum converts the other way, but you may be able to create an image file (ISO) with your mp4s and then burn to a DVD. GregRocket is probably more on this subject.


DVD Fab and "HOUSE"
I am trying to copy the TV series HOUSE with DVD FAB Platinum. It gets to 48% copied and then freezes. Any ideas?



I got the platinum and it works great to go to dvd to mp4.
now all i got to find is a good one for mp4 to dvd. woody

jj, please post a little more information. What type (Gold, Plat.) and version of the software are you using, and what mode (Full Disc, etc.)? Do you ever get an error code, or the email popup?

dvd fab platinum and it doesnot freeze
main movie

I am trying DVD Platinum I am trying to copy a multi-layered 8G DVD. It is a telvision series with 8 episodes.
When it gets to 48% it just freezes up. There is no error codes or pop-up windows.
I also noticed a message where some one else was having difficulties with another TV series called Grey’s Anatomy.

My Mistake. Please disregard my previous post. I found a small scratch on the disk, which made the disk uncopiable.

I have tried to install DVDFabGold and every time I’ve tried it stops at the finishing installation part ant dosen’t finish. What can i do?

Sounds like a conflict. I know a program that is trying to up date will sometimes freeze an installation of any program. Is this the part were you choose to reboot.


Hi a friend of mine is going to visit friends in Canada and they want to take a local movie with them but it has regional coding on it. I have DVD Fab decryptor free, will that remove regional coding or do we need to use the gold or platinum versions. Thanks for any information.