Try again

ok got no response to request for the files for winoncd lemme try another way. i have about 127 gb of porn in ntsc vcd’s on my hard drive, i copied it from a friend and only have the dat files from the vcd’s in folders. when i try to make a dvd video project in nero6 it wont add the files yet if i try to make a vcd it will accept them fine. to date the only program i can find that will accpet the files is winoncd. if i cant get the files above from oz is it possible for someone to recommend another way to get the vcd’s onto dvd at more or less the same bitrate. ie i dont want to blow the things up to 4000kb/s. thank you guys :slight_smile:

ps. or alternately could someone tell me where i can get help for sex addiction :))))

Sounds like you don’t own the originals and are thus violating forum rules on requesting help with illegal stuff (and I am not talking about the porn in itself…).

Hence, topic closed.

If you feel this decision was unjust, feel free to PM me why this should be reopened again.