=== Truvox challenge ===



right, =deep breath=

My friend has a Truvox 600 DVD player. after reading good reviews about it, I have a reoc A3, which i am more than happy with.

The Truvox looks exactly the same as the Reoc, has all the same controls, same menu interface, everything, and for all I know are the same gubbins inside, but it wont recognise VCD's!! and it is slowly driving my friends round the bend.

Does anyone know of any 'hacks' that will enable VCD's to be played on it, as it just comes up with 'No Disc' when they are inserted, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!



Please do NOT crosspost ! I’ve removed the other thread.

Now , back to the problem :

Says here it can play vcd and svcd BUT it won’t play any self made cd-roms !

“Sadly, there’s no CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 playback”

You can however make it region free. Use this at your own risk :

To make it region free

Furthermore i have no clue what “good reviews” he’s been reading since it’s an very very low budget dvd player.

By the way , here is how to make your reac region free. Again at own risk.


my dvd player doesn’t support self burned media…but i tried a cdrw…and it worked…

so//perhaps you can try to make a vcd on a cdrw