Trutech DVD player/recorder

I have a trutech DVD recorder and player. It is new and non-functional. It is set up correctly. The TV will play thru video 1. But it will not play a pre-recorded DVD (such as one made by Disney or MgM, etc.) let alone record anything. It either says it does not recognize the DVD or, worse, says there is no DVD in the unit when there is, in fact, one there. The customer service number is useless. It tells the user to call via a long-distance carrier (cost unknown) and THAT number refers you to a third number with an unknown area code. Totally useless. To send the unit back to the manufacturer in California, one needs a reference # obtainable only by calling the service phone number. Additionally, because the unit was bought as a gift and only received past the “free labor and parts” limit, I would have to pay for labor as well as postage to send the unit to the manufacturer. I suspect that these costs would amount to more than the price of the unit. I advise prospective buyers to avoid products from this manufacturer. It was very cheap. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Save your money.

Yeah, definitely stay away from that company, we had an alarm clock from them, it went off on it’s own! even when we didn’t set it! :eek:

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