TrustyFiles P2P is anyone using it?

We just posted a story that may be of interest. It’s RazorPops TrustyFiles. I am just curious if anyone has tried it. Seán Byrne has written a nice article about it on the CD Freaks News Page. So far, at least according to a reaction there, it does appear to be spyware free. Razorpop does seem to be quite a promoter of P2P and is active in it’s stance against the RIAA and their technology snuffing attitude.

Perhaps if some of you try this software you can share your thoughts here. I’m pretty sure Marc Freedman, RazorPop CEO monitors the CD Freaks forums and your comments will be noted. If there is enough activity/questions I can also drop him a line to come and speak to us.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I guess not :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used it! :iagree:

I dont really know what to say about it, except for the fact it truly does have no spy-ware, it connects quickly to 3 networks (Kazaa, Gnutella and G2) I havent tried it for BitTorrent. It has an easy to use interface, people who know the k-lite interface will recognise it. The options are there for those who know what they are doing and for those who dont, the defaults work perfectly. The blocklist is another nice feature.

All it needs now it to be able to access the eDonkey network and I’ll never have to install another p2p program again :wink:

PS - I can attest that the image search definatly works!

I think that if shareaza and Trustyfiles p2p would merge to create combination of both, the results would be amazing…