TrustyFiles 2.4 issues P2P file sharing challenge

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TrustyFiles 2.4 Issues P2P File Sharing ChallengeCan your software match our results and packaging? Major file sharing software network upgrade increases downloads by a magnitude and…

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has anyone tried it, is it any good.

Well, I used an earlier version, back when I had dial-up. I thought it was the ultimate program because of all the networks. It was a piece of crap for me, didn’t get good connections. But it could possibly be caused by my dial-up connection. But who knows.

I certainly wish that those into P2P would give this thing a try and let us know how it works in comparison to what they prefer at the moment. I am prettty sure it has no spyware or adware from what I am being told.

It doesn’t connect to eDonkey (eMule) and Bit Torrent support seems to be limited to download only, meaning you still have to find the torrent on the web. It only really connects to Kazaa, Gnutella, and Gnutella2. Looks to be great for music of course, but little else. Personally, I am sticking with my eMule and ABC/Web search combo.

Just used it to find some songs and it works fine , nice and fast and too full advantage of my 1meg ADSL. 4 out of 5 for me.

who needs all that other crap. Get a nice dedicated Bittorrent client and your set for whatever you want.

The software shows some promise, but it’s somewhat buggy. I had a weird error resuming a few files (where it couldn’t) and also when pressing the plusses and minuses in the search window, the view gets all screwy. However, my biggest gripe was the lack of a column showing me the bitrate of the song that I would like to download. Add that, and it might not be that bad for looking for some hard to find tracks.