TrustyFiles 2.1 personal P2P filesharing ... very real!


RazorPop is the developer of TrustyFiles ( The press release talks about the technical and results superiority of TrustyFiles over Morpheus. I invite you to try our software and see for yourself. As you can see from the press release, TrustyFiles 2.1 is a new product and so there is little in the way of comments on it. The best place for comments will be on at .

Our initial and prior release, TrustyFiles 2.0 does not have multi-network capability and came out 2 months ago. We’ve had about 100,000 downloads.since then, pretty good for a new software product. But obviously a bit less than Morpheus’ 100 million. :slight_smile: TrustyFiles 2.0 was one of the highest-rated P2P products on with an approval rate of 71%. Unfortunately erases the old comments when you post a new update of the software.

We’d love for CD Freaks readers to try TrustyFiles and give us their feedback.

Marc Freedman
RazorPop, Developer of TrustyFiles

I am using it and I like it!

If you can implement features like “Auto Search More” and other things K-Lite has Trustyfiles will become a killer!:bow:

Museha, thank you! We do have a new MORE button …

TrustyFiles users can also supercharge their searches with a
new More Results feature. After they run a search they simply
click the MORE button. TrustyFiles searches again for more files
and sources. New files are added to the existing search results.
Many popular searches literally generate thousands of matching
files with tens of thousands of file sources.



I missed that. :o

Is this an unlimited search more?

One other thing i miss is the extra information like name of the album etcetera.

As for the rest. My compliments. It’s a great program.

How about the bitrate of the search results!

This should be added ASAP!! :frowning:

Guys, thanks. Not all the clients in the Gnutella universe support metadata, which is where TrustyFiles came from. But it is a standard part of Kazaa/Fast Track, which we now provide access to.

We’ve made this a high priority item and will include it in a near future update.

Marc :cool: