Trusty Files cleans up the content for kids on P2P



I just posted the article Trusty Files cleans up the content for kids on P2P.

Cleans Up File Sharing: First P2P Software To Report Files to Protect

Software Release Is Part of P2P PATROL’s Comprehensive
Initiative of Education,…

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OH jesus H christ…we can’t stop file sharing so we’ll trot out the old hackneyed child exploitation line…why not just come clean and say “we’re greedy powermongers, we like it when we’ve got a hand in your wallet and a foot in the back of your neck” …fer phark sake…leave the kids alone… Anybody who reads the australian papers past page one would realise what corporations and the government thinks of kids…no no we won’t report any illegal filesharing as long as it’s not child porn…yeh right…:X


So they can filter content…does this not mean that they can not filter out copyrighted material. I hope they enjoy going ot court over this. If you can stop pron you can stop priacy.


Very good news. Child porn is much, much worse than downloading pirate stuff. Ben :slight_smile:


lets be honest with our selves child porn is bad but trying to stop a child from seeing porn is impossible kids will find a way to see it. i know when i was 8 i would go to friends houses that parents saved issues of girly mags and when they left we would sneak in and look at it. I am 45 now. porn only is destructive to those that dont want to be honest with there kids. teach them there is nothing wrong with the human body and there is nothing to be ashamed of and there would be less problems. :S


Wildman, you forgot, this is coming from the states, where it is perfeclty fine to see the unnatural act of killing someone, broadcast on tv, but if you see a natural naked human body, everyone complains. I dunno bout you all, but i would prefer to see more T&A on TV then killing. And they call themselves righteous when they complain about titties on the TV.