Trustworthy online CD stores

Hi, I’m on the lookout for trustworthy online CD stores as I know almost none. I could do a search on google but I believe several thousands will turn up and which is better than the others. - So I’m asking you… and I don’t know if y’all just download or if you buy once in a while, but if you know of a good place you’d recommend, let me know.

Thanx :slight_smile:

Depends on where you live…
I know some trusty ones here in the Netherlands…

what about the cdfreaks shop

Well, yeah… it’s music I’m after, not CD-Rs. And about the place of it doesn’t really matter.

But of course, maybe I should look for shops in my own country first. Is also more convenient if trouble comes along with the delivery. is good, and of course (and the various domains they use, you can earn a little by checking around and comparing the prices as they are not the same in USD and GBP or NOK once you exchange them to DKK)

Thanx AirHead :slight_smile:

BTW, sneaky you already know where I’m from but I guess you looked up my IP :wink:

After all, he’s THE Modelatol.

But for everyone else it would have been nice before you ask a question like this to up date your profile or better yet say what country your in one of your four post. :rolleyes: Considering you have 4 post in this thread alone and still didn’t say I think its kind of rude that you still haven’t!!! But I think it doesn’t matter anymore. But I still think it was something that needed to be said. :eek:

Everyone else have a nice day. :bigsmile:

/me is a sneaky pölsepåg indeed

Alf is from the land of the smörrebröd

That’s been a problem always on CDFreaks where there are people from more than 100 countries on Earth. Most people are still used to asking without revealing where they are located first. It’s good to have the country at least revealed on the member profile.


i hardly think it was “rude” just an oversight…give the guy a break. Amazon doesn’t exist/operate in Denmark?

Oversight??:confused: It would be if someone didn’t ask him and a mod didn’t have to spell it out for him!! Thats when he was being rude when he was asked and didn’t reply. :rolleyes:

No but it does in Germany. You cant really buy stuff off the american site cause customs will grab them and add a hefty bonus to the price. Join the EU people :wink:

sorry to be off topic but PC-GUY…you’re so very quick to pass judgement…seen it elsewhere too…just relax man :rolleyes:

back on topic…yeah VAT, customs and shipping are a pain…surprised some of these sites don’t have localized versions that avoid these issues.

Or did you just post to bust my chops?? seems very good and is also able to give my the prices in DKK :slight_smile:

I mostly use

I’ll check that one out as well - thank you :slight_smile: