Trusted Reviews rates Nero 6 and Easy CD&DVD Creator 6

I just posted the article Trusted Reviews rates Nero 6 and Easy CD&DVD Creator 6.

Roxio and Aheads newest products are compared in separate, but rather concise reviews. They say Ahead has upgraded their product with respect for ease of use for the novice…

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Well I have to say it - Easy Creator 5 surely can’t be as bad as Nero 6. Ahead have done a dreadful job on Nero 6. Wished I’d never wasted my money moving from 5.5

could someone please explain what the problems with Nero 6 are? i see it being bashed a lot, but i’ve burned quite a few cds and dvds with it now and haven’t had a single problem yet. and it’s WAY more versatile than the Roxio 6 that came bundled with my DVD burner…

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Nero 6 takes forever to transcode an MPEG2 file (why ??), the editing is tortuous, the Nero SmartStart is cluttered and involves more wasted keystrokes; adding in chapters seems to cause problems; bugs in the “create menu” options; and it seems hit or miss whether it will burn a DVD. What really cheese me off is the ridiculous ‘transcoding’ which you can’t seem to get round. Even if you save a project - the next burn it still ‘transcodes’ !! I am a real fan of Nero5.5 and hardly ever had a bad burn on VCD, but despite using good Ritek media I produce more coasters with Nero6 than any other authoring application. To top it all off, yesterday I got a ‘reminder’ that my ‘demo’ version runs out on Oct 31st despite pre-paying for a full serial key. Instead of Ahead Nero I want to rename it “Behind Zero”. It rates a generous 0/10 from me.:r
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I actually like Roxio 6, it has a couple of features that Nero doesn’t. Version 6 is a lot more stable then the crappy 5x version. It’s still to bloated but it looks like Nero 6 is getting a little bloat as well.

I have Easy CD Creater 4 and it can write Audio CDs straight from any type of file, including MP3. Later versions of Roxio couldn’t?